Microsoft Dynamics for Sales


Transforming sales experience

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales facilitates sales businesses by unifying the daily data and activities of the business in an easy-to-use, secure interface. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales empowers the sales team to operate proactively with a wide-ranging insight of their pipeline. It also enables improved control over regular customer engagement. From a buyer’s perspective, Dynamics 365 for Sales helps them enjoy unique experiences, which not only help build trust but also garner loyalty.


Keep a track of your relationships with your customers with this powerful product. Dynamic 365 informs you about the health & risk of the relationship, how customer’s interact and recommends personalised talking points

Focus on relationships by ensuring personalised customer interactions with the help of detailed information about each customer. It offers access to a shared database comprising of leads, emails, documents, and service cases that allows the seller to pay attention to the right customers. The AI-driven guidance also enables the seller to optimise the overall buying experience for each customer.

This incredible tool helps free up time for the seller, thanks to automated smart workflows such as email notifications, guided workflows, and intelligence-driven alert cards. It also enables sellers to –

  • Gain actionable insights across the entire sales operation.
  • Collaborate on deals across functions and locations from Microsoft Teams
  • Streamline workflows with new-age mobile apps as well as existing Microsoft Tools
  • Minimise manual data entry

Dynamics 365 for Sales offer data-driven feedback to the sellers, which helps make informed decisions based on real-time data as well as new trends. It also offers pipeline analysis, deal insights, and relationship analytics.

Recognise and reproduce effective sales calls with the help of conversation intelligence. It also helps one get access to –

  • Important metrics that help make informed sales decisions
  • Additional insights with the help of Power BI, complete with graphical visualizations
  • Contextual insights that help make smarter sales
  • Embedded LinkedIn Sales Navigator insights which help establish new connections and personalised communications

Dynamics 365 for Sales helps your business enjoy a digital transformation thanks to flexible and scalable sales solutions!

Why choose 365 Solutions to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales?

At 365 Solutions, we cater to businesses of all sizes and offer them each with a wide range of customisation and implementation options to ensure the optimal utilisation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. We strive to help businesses achieve their operational and commercial goals with incredible ease.

Our team of experts is up-to-date with global technological innovations. They will be more than happy to use their technical experience and insights to help your business undergo a digital transformation like never before!

Expand Business

  • Access accurate sales forecasts
  • Understand sales activity
  • Adavnce your business plans

Make Correct Decisions

  • Use real-time reporting
  • Collaborate to find the best closing strategy

Focus On Selling

  • Gain ample time to focus on sales
  • Increase active sales leads


Buy what you need

Scale as your business grows

Flexible licensing


Why do most of the applications fail to deliver their expected results? We believe less or no knowledge of any product leads to this situation. Your sales team needs to understand the working of the solution and its benefits before they start using it.

Our support team will be available to educate your sales teams round the clock. Here’s what we offer –

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